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Pulse valve

Pulse valve

Pulse valve: it is the delay effect of air flow through air and air and the delay of air volume, which can be used as the valve class of the pulse signal.

Work requirements of pulse valve:

Work pressure: z-type valve: 0.4~ 0.6mpa
Y type valve: 0.2~ 0.6mpa ZM type valve: 0.4~ 0.6mpa.
Temperature of air medium: < 55 ℃, the oil removal, water treatment, filtration precision < 5 microns the clean gas pressure can be adjusted. Using the environment: 1, the temperature: 25 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ to 55 ℃ ~ 180 ℃.
2. The relative humidity of air is no more than 85%.
3. The protection level is IP64.
Diaphragm life: 1 million times.
Pulse valve life: five years under the conditions of standard installation, proper use and reasonable maintenance.
Pulse valves are divided into right-angle pulse valves and submerged pulse valves

Working principle of right-angle pulse valve

Under the high pressure gas from the air inlet access into the chamber, 1, when the pulse valve without electricity, the constant pressure of the gas through the upper and lower shell pipelines and the orifice into the decompression chamber, because under the action of spring block pressure relief valve core hole, the gas will not discharge, the vacuum chamber and the gas chamber pressure, and under the effect of spring, the diaphragm will be blowing mouth plug, the gas does not rush out. 2, when pulse valve, valve core under the effect of electromagnetic force is raised up, the pressure relief hole is opened, gas jet, due to the effect of constant pressure pipe orifice, flow speed is greater than the pressure relief hole decompression chamber constant pressure pipe gas flow rate, the decompression chamber pressure is lower than the air chamber pressure, gas chamber under the diaphragm jacking, open the mouth blowing, gas injection.

Working principle of submerged pulse valve

The structure and the right Angle pulse valve are basically the same, but without the air inlet, directly using the gas bag as its lower gas chamber, its principle is the same.
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