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Dust collector baghouse

Dust collector baghouse

DWD--custom dedusting equipment can be customized according to customers' requirements
Including baghouse dust collector, filter cartridge dust collector, boiler filter bag dust collector, pulse-jet baghouse dust catcher, biomass boiler dust collector, single bag dust collector, coal boiler dust collector, single filter and a series of dust removal equipment, wholeheartedly provide customers with industrial dust removal equipment detachable, move, change machine, maintenance services as well as the corresponding dedusting equipment accessories supply, including dust catcher equipment in users' best.

DWD--Perfect after-sales service
Delivery speed: the duster manufacturer direct, generally in 3-7 days delivery;

Environmental inspection:the concentration of dust emission is lower than 20mg, which meets the local environmental assessment standards;
Mechanical failure: within 48 hours to achieve on-site troubleshooting;
Equipment wear:the whole machine is guaranteed for 3 years, and the consumables are always sold and maintained at the cost price.

DWD--Dust removal success case
The company has a professional technical team to provide the customers with excellent industrial equipment and system solutions.
The whole product is widely used in steel structure industry, aerospace manufacturing industry, five industries, shipbuilding industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industrial fields. The products are well - sold and refined steel structure, cnooc, cosco shipping and other famous enterprises, are deeply concerned and supported by various government departments and customers at all levels.

   Working principle

High dust removal efficiency of bag dust collector is inseparable from its dust removal mechanism. Dust by dust catcher bottom intake pipe, gas is entered into the hopper, guide plate due to the collision of guide plate and reduce the effect such as gas velocity, coarse dust will drop into the dust hopper, the rest of the tiny particles of dust into the filter bag together with the gas chamber, because of the filter material of the fiber and fabric inertia, role, such as diffusion, block, hook, static dust be trapped inside the filter pocket, after purification, the gas escape outside the bag, the exhaust pipes. The ash on the filter bag is removed by the gas reverse cleaning method. The dust from the filter is removed to the dust hopper, and the dual discharge valve is arranged to the ash discharging device. The ash on the filter bag can also be removed by blowing the pulsed airflow, so as to achieve the purpose of soot removal. The dust removal is discharged by the ash discharging device. The dust removal efficiency of bag dust collector is also not open with the filter material. The quality and quality of the filter are directly related to the performance of the bag filter and the length of service life. And the filter material is the main material to make the filter bag, its performance and quality is to promote the improvement of bag type dust removal technology, affecting its application range and service life.

Filter type dust removal device including bag-type duster and granule layer dust remover, the former usually use organic or inorganic fiber fabric made of filter bag filter layer, while the latter is more than the filtration layer of the adoption of different size particles, such as quartz sand, river sand, ceramsite, slag, etc. The friction value of the cloth bag dust collector increases with the continuous thickening of the powder layer with the powder repeatedly attached to the outer surface of the filter bag. Pulse valve diaphragm issue instructions, around submerged pulse valve opens, the high pressure gas compressed air through the package, if there is no dust or small to certain degree, mechanical soot cleaning work will stop working.

Low pressure pulse bag filter in the gas purification way is outside the filter type, filter dust gas from the nozzle to the respective room, due to the design of the vertical distance from air inlet filter bag hooks, reasonable enough airflow through appropriate diversion and natural flow distribution, to achieve uniform indoor air distribution in the filter, dust particles of dust in the gas by natural sedimentation separation after directly into the hopper, the remaining dust under the guidance of the diversion system, with the air filter in the housing area, the adsorption on external surface of the filter bag. After filtration, the filter bag is filtered through the box and exhaust duct.

The filter bag adopts compressed air to blow out ash, and the clearing mechanism consists of air bag, blast tube and electromagnetic pulse control valve. Filter indoor every row of filter bag exports the top with a spray torch assembly, spray torch underside is the filter bag center equipped with blowing mouth, have one spray torch on a pulse valve with compressed air and gas bag is same. Dust, pulse valve solenoid valve open, compressed air after spraying the dust control device (differential pressure or timing, manual control) open the electromagnetic pulse injection, according to the setting process of compressed gas in a very short time according to the order by the pulse valve by the spray nozzle on the blowpipe induced many times the injection volume of air into the filter bag, air wave formation, make the bottom of the filter bag from mouth to produce a sharp expansion and shock vibration, cause strong soot cleaning action, shake off the dust on the filter bag.


The dust removal efficiency is high, generally more than 99%. The dust concentration of the dust collector is in the dozens of mg/m3, and the fine dust of the sub-micron size has a higher classification efficiency.

The scope of the handling volume is wide, the small one is only 1min m3, the big can be up to 1min tens of thousands of m3, can be used for the flue gas dedusting of the industrial furnace, and reduce the discharge of atmospheric pollutants.

Simple structure and easy maintenance.

The cost is lower than the electrostatic precipitator in the premise of guaranteeing the same high dust removal efficiency.
USES glass fiber, ptfe, P84 high-temperature filter material, such as can run under the condition of high temperature above 200 ℃.
The characteristics of the dust are not sensitive to dust and resistance.


According to the national standard of "cloth bag dust collector classification and specification performance", the cloth bag filter is divided into five categories. The cleaning method is the main mark of the classification of cloth bag deduster:
(1) mechanical vibration class
Using a mechanical device (including manual, electromagnetic or pneumatic device) make the filter bag produces vibration and soot cleaning cloth bag dust collector, is suitable for clearance work cockiness chamber structure and is suitable for continuous working chamber structure of two kinds of structure forms of cloth bag dust collector.
(2) chamber anti-blow class
Using the split-room structure, the air flow is switched from the valve to the room, and under the action of the reverse airflow, the bag filter is forced to be shrunk or bulging.
(3) nozzle anti-blow class
With high pressure fan or compressor to provide anti-blowing air, through the mobile nozzle to carry on the anti-blowing, the filter bag deformation jitter and through the filter material and the dust bag dust collector (all non-split chamber structure).
(4) vibration, anti-blow and use class
Mechanical vibration (including electromagnetic vibration or pneumatic vibration) and anti - blowing two dust - cleaning methods.
(5) pulse blasting class
With compressed air as soot cleaning power, the use of pulse injection mechanism within the moment of release the compressed air, induced several times of high-speed into the secondary air filter bag, the filter bag ballooning sharply, rely on the impact vibration and reverse airflow and dust bag dust collector.
Smaller package size and lighter weight can greatly reduce the transportation cost of insulation materials.
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