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Basalt filter bag

Basalt filter bag

Basalt filter bag needle felt is a new product developed by DWD company, basalt high-temperature dust filter bag has to fill the gaps in our own brand of high temperature of 450 DEG C grade synthetic fiber needled filter media, it featured high temperature resistant,can be used for a long time at 450degree C. Basalt high temperature dedusting system filter bag is characterized by special manufacturing process and particular formula and improved filtration efficient and bag's lifetime.

Basalt filter bag fiber is used as a high performance filter material in baghouse filtration device, it is widely used for industrial dust,smoke and gas purification. Basalt fiber has high strength, high temperature resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and low elongation, as an innovative materials filter bag it has the following characteristics:

1. Ultra high mechanical strength, fracture strength is above 3000N.
2.Low elongation rate,the fracture elongation of basalt fiber is only 3%, basalt filter bag featured good dimension stability .
3. Good mechanical properties, can be used at 380 C for a long time; instantly up to 600 degrees.
4.Basalt high temperature resistant filter bag has good corrosion resistance and can be used in the gas of acid and alkali atmosphere.
5. High void ratio, smooth surface, good air permeability, and only 2Pa of the no-load pressure loss of basalt needlefelt.
6. High gas filtration efficiency. up to 99.5% - 99%, especially for the fine particles below 0.5mm diameter, the effect is more obvious.
7. Adaptable to the concentration of dust content in flue gas;
8. Large amount of dust, easy to operate and maintain, easy cake release.
9. long service life.

Basalt filter bag parameter list

Product name

Basalt filter bag


Basalt fiber/fiberglass scrim

Weight (g/m2)


Thickness (mm)


Ventilation rate(m3/m2/min)


Fracture strength(N/5*20cm)





Elongation at break(%)





Working temperature(℃)


Instantaneous working temperature (℃)


Filtering wind speed (m/min)


Acid resistance


Alkali resistance


Wear resistance


Hydrolytic stability



PTFE,Heat setting,dipping

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