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PPS filter bag

PPS filter bag

Through the investigation on the market we found in China due to coal tension, many power plants are using coal which have high sulfur content, even admixture of coal gangue in some applications, and kinds of coal were used in the same power plants , due to the heavy loading of boiler, smoke emission properties become very complex. In order to overcome this situation, we use several high-performance fibers to take a scientific composite method and conduct special post-processing measures, so as to endow the filter material with excellent performance. In order to improve the filtration accuracy and improve the filtration resistance, we divide the whole filter media into several filter layers with different density and different coarse and fine fibers, so that the filter media has a gradient structure, which makes it easy cake release, protect the filter media . When the sulfur content in flue gas increase, METAMAX, PPS, P84, glass fiber will be damaged, in order to protect these fibers, we conducted PTFE emulsion infiltration treatment on coated filter material in each fiber looks like plating paint coated with a layer of protective film PTFE and not affected by acid erosion in the full protection of the filter, but also can prevent the hydrolysis, and does not increase any surface resistance of the filter media, saving cost.

Characteristics of PPS filter bag:
1, Working temperature is 170, instant working temperature is 232, melting point is 285, and the limit oxygen index is 34~35.
2. The oxygen content can be applied on the occasion of 15% or below.
3. The sulfur containing oxide in the fuel or in the flue gas, it is excellent in anti acid and alkali corrosion and strong anti chemical properties.
4. Moisture in the flue.
5, Temperature 190 DEG ~232 DEG, gas even as high as 5:1 online cleaning and gas than the 6:1 for off-line cleaning, PPS filter bag has excellent performance. PPS fiber has excellent thermal plasticity, and PPS filter bag can make hot-melt bag.


PPS needle felt is one of the main filter materials used in pulsate ash cleaning bag filter used in coal-fired power plants. In the filtration of coal-fired boilers, waste incineration ash, dust processing pulse cleaning dust remover, PPS is ideal filter material, in accordance with the requirements of different working conditions, we can do all kinds of functional treatment of PPS needle felt, such as water and oil repellent, dipping, ePTFE membrane, etc.

PPS filter bag parameter list

Product name

PPS filter bag


PPS fiber_PPS scrim





Ventilation rate(m3/m2/min)


Fracture strength(N/5*20cm)





Elongation at break (%)





Working temperature (℃)


Instantaneous working temperature (℃)


Breaking tension (Mpa/min)


Acid resistance


Alkali resistance


Wear resistance


Hydrolytic stability



Heat setting, PTFE membrane, Glazed

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