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Polyester three-proof dust-proof filter bag

Polyester three-proof dust-proof filter bag

In the operation of bag type dust collector,The gas dust contain many moisture and oil as well as hygroscopic and deliquescent dust,It is possible to increase adhesion by producing water film or oil film on the dust surface, although it is more efficient to catch dust, but also make it difficult cake release, especially under high temperature and high humidity, the condensation phenomenon occurs due to the cooling effect of external gas. It will make the scaling in the surface of filter bag, even congestion, but corrosion the material structure, increase collector’s operating resistance and directly impact on the bag filter. Due to this application, we try to do improvements to make the ordinary filter material fit this the special working conditions, prevent or reduce dust paste bag, prolonging the service life of filter material and the work efficiency.

Generally, a certain proportion industrial dust can easily lead to explosion and fire (i.e., explosion limit) such as electrostatic discharge spark or external ignition.

DWD group has more than 30years non-woven fabric technology, we developed and produced anti static needling and filtration felt and filter cloth according to the needs of coal grinding and dust collecting and other industries in the domestic blast furnace.

Production of anti-static filter cloth in addition to the production process of ordinary needled felt, also required in the production of needled felt base scrim into conductive fiber yarn in warp or chemical fiber mixed with conductive fiber or conductive materials, both two types of anti-static filter media we production are in top quality.

Water and oil repellent with anti-static polyester fabric filter bag combines both waterproof and electrostatic imitation. Compared to common filter media, it not only has the characteristics of oil and moisture proof, but also has the effect of electrostatic imitating. It is especially suitable for high moisture content, such as blast furnace pulverized coal powder of steel plant, cement plant, coal conveying system in power plant, etc.

Polyester water and oil repellent anti-static filter bag parameter table

Product name

Polyester water&oil repellent anti-static bag


PET fibre/conductive fibre+PET scrim





Ventilation rate(m3/m2/min)


Fracture strength(N/5*20cm)





Elongation at break(%)





Working temperature (℃)


Instantaneous working temperature (℃)


Breaking tension (Mpa/min)


Friction potential (maximum) (V)


Friction potential (mean) (V) 183
Spray rating Level 5 AATCC100
Surface resistance 4.8Ω
Acid resistance good

Alkali resistance


Wear resistance


Hydrolytic stability



PTFE membrane, Singe , heat set

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